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NEW ! AE-SOC, Linux, Edge device, PoE

Solution for Flexible, Real Time, Distributed Acoustic Emission Diagnostics systems !

Step 1: Digitizing & Filtering

Preprocessed Signal up to 10 MHz sample rate
Raw signal for post processing and/or history database

Step 2: Feature Extraction

Several parallel Real Time processing paths in Time and/or Frequency domain
Key Performance Indicators to DCS, Process Information & Control Systems and controll room displays

Step 3: Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Customized Real Time Processing, made in Python and C++
ML and AI algorythms Results compining AE and Process parameters

Real Time 24/7 Predictive Condition Diagnostics.

  • Rotating / moving machine elements: Friction level, stress level, changes & stability, Cracking.
  • Pressure vessels, valves & pipes: Cracking, leaks, material stress level.
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems: Cracking, leaks.

Real Time 24/7 Predictive Process Diagnostics.

  • Flow control: changes & stability
  • Fluidized Beds: Process changes & stability
  • Process layers: Level control
  • Chemical processes diagnostics


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Vallen Systeme Gmbh

Vallen with 40 years of AE- experience offers a wide range of high quality AE- sensors, cables, preamplifiers, all kind of accessories and software packages to build up a complete AE- system.

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