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Acoustic Emission Service Oy

Acoustic Emission (AE) Services and Solutions

We offer wide range of Acoustic Emission (AE) Technology and Services.

– Hardware and Software

– Real Time Predictive Condition Diagnostics and Process Diagnostics Solutions for 24/7 industries, including user training and remote support.

– High Quality AE- NDT test equipment & applications for pressure vessel and other tests, user training.

– ATEX, Zone 0, TÜV certified test & real time AE- systems.

– Millwide Centralized and Distributed AE- diagnostics systems,

20 years of experience on developing industrial real time AE applications.

– Pulp and Paper

* Recovery and Power Boiler, Gasifier

* Lime Kiln, rotating Washers, Drums & Filters, Screens

* Chipper, Debarking Drum, Digester, IV

* Refiners, High Pressure Feeders, Rotary Valves

– Steel Industry

* Cold & Hot Rolling Mills, bearings, gear boxes.

         * 20 high mills, Morgoil Bearings

* Leveling Machines, Crop Shear

– Mining Industry

* AG, SAG and Ball Mills

* Crushers, Cyclones, Pumps, Flow Control in Processing Units & Pipes

– Oil Refineries and Chemical Industry

* Reactors, Re-generators, Heat Exchangers and other Pressure Vessels.

* Piping, Valves, Static Vessels

– Turbines

– Hydraulic Drives

– Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Bearings

– Cement Kiln

– Marine

– Diesel / Gas Engines

– Wind Mills

* Main bearings

* Planetary Gears


NEW AE Power Unit ! AE-SOC Service On Chip.

– 2 AE- channels
– 10 Mhz Sampling rate. 24/7
– Wide AE- signal input range
– Analog and Digital filters
– Powerful data processing
– Dimensions 140/34/114 mm
– Process data IN via OPC-UA
– AE- status/ alarms OUT via OPC-UA
– IP 67

Linux on the Edge.

– Rugged and small
– Low power consumption and PoE
– Industrial approved Linux OS
– Interface: OPC UA; TCP IP, MQTT
– API for customer integration
– Integrated and configurable feature tool chain
+ Tailored customer applications

REPRESENTATION of VALLEN GmbH in Nordic Countries

Acoustic Emission Service Oy is the Exclusive Representative of VALLEN GmbH for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. VALLEN GmbH, is a solid manufacturer of Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors, analyzers and complete millwide diagnostics systems.

We are convinced that a more direct and more local Vallen presence and local services is a solution to your needs on NDT testing and Real Time Predictive Condition and Process Diagnostics Systems and case specific Tailored Applications.

We offer you collaboration in terms of:

  • Supply of AE systems, sensors and accessories
  • Customer specific tailored Condition and Process Diagnostics systems.
  • Customer Training, Remote Support and Remote Diagnostics.
  • Presentation of new applications and dedicated hardware & software.

You can visit the website of the VALLEN company at and we are available for Teams and Zoom meetings.


Ideal device for a 24/7 flexible distributed mill wide AE- system and also for single machine / process control points, 2 AE- Channels. Connects to mill’s intranet and information systems via PoE router or switch, no other infrastructure needs on site installations. Communication with OPC-UA and Web Browser /TCP-IP.

Read more about AE–SOC

Vallen Systeme GmbH

Vallen with 40 years of AE- experience offers a wide range of high quality AE- sensors, cables, preamplifiers, all kind of accessories and software packages to build up a complete AE- system.

Read more about Vallen

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